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I have rented cars on numerous occasions, both in Australia and New Zealand with no issues whatsoever. So nothing prepared me for the bunch of out and out shysters operating at Stanstead Greenmotion.

They onsold the car I had paid for because I was delayed. They then charged me $225 extra for a similar car that I had to bring back a day earlier. When I brought back the car, low and behold they discovered a tiny scratch on the car passenger side that needed to a magnifying glass to see. For this scratch which I deny making they wanted to charge me over $500.

After much argument the Manager, who looked had the grace to look slightly embarrassed when he saw the scratch waived the fee. Having said that it is now over 25 days since I returned the car and they still have $1680 of my money sitting in my credit card account pending.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Same thing happened to me in Aug '17 with Green Motion at their Stansted branch too. Took out a cheap car hire deal as I knew I'd only be driving the car for 4 hours and paying any more defeated the object of hiring the car in the first place.

I knew that if I were to crash it, take a stone chip etc, then I'd be liable as I didn't opt for the extended cover insurance - I was confident in my diving ability and I could deal with the consequences if any damage were MY fault. What I cant deal with is being accused of some 'damage' that took the member of staff 3 laps of the car to find - it also needs a magnifying glass to see - which they are now trying to charge me £600+. I too requested a member of office staff to come out and have a look, to which his reply was "what am I looking at?" My point exactly!

This is an absolute joke and a total scam to extort money from an innocent customer. I will fight the charge and will never consider this company again.

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