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Unacceptable - rip off I hired a Mercedes car from the East Midlands airport branch based in the Hilton Hotel Foyer. It was getting dark when I collected the car so it was placed under the foyer of the Hotel with artificial light.

Vashal D from Green Motion walked around the car indicating several pre-existing bumps and scratches, most so tiny I couldn’t even see them. I didn’t feel comfortable about not being able to see much so took several photographs of the car for my piece of mind. On returning the car I was informed that there was new damage and I was presented with a £938.40 bill! The ”damage” to the car is about the size of a nail head say 3 or 4mm diameter on a rear door.

It’s the sort of mark you collect in a car park when a car parked next to you opens a door and it nicks the paint. I denied any knowledge of the “damage” and said that it was pre-existing. He told me that I inspected the car and signed for its condition and that it isn’t on the sheet. I produced my photos and this tiny mark is there, so it pre-existed.

To my shock he told me that the mark on my image wasn’t a mark but reflected light! Incredible that it was in exactly the same spot. He would not accept it and insisted that I pay now. I was running late for my flight out by now, and in the end got there 5 minutes before the gate closed.

I was anxious and pressured, so I said that I needed to get on my flight and dispute later. It was then that I was presented with a bill of £938.40. I complete rip off. I am not the only person who has been ripped off by Green Motion, the web is full of folk like me being ripped off.

Now, if the car door been chipped whilst in my possession, how much does a chip repair cost? Well a specialist company like Chips-away have told me it would cost about £100. A Mercedes dealer could repaint the whole door for about £300. They are a rip off company who take advantage of people.

I’m disputing the payment with my bank, and will do my best to inform perspective customers to avoid them like the plague. Green Motion say “ We are distinguished by the tracks we leave behind us” which should read “ We are distinguished by the disappointed customers we leave behind us” See attached photos.

The first is the photo I took upon collection, the second was taken on return. The mark is clearly pre-existing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Mercedes Benz Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $938.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Rip off approach, Dubious damage report, Lousy service.

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Neil please tell people who are visiting your site yo use the money claims on

It works hopefully it will stop these *** takers

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Gibraltar #1305456

Hi Sheila,

I have started the ball rolling by complaining in writing to the Green Motion branch I hired from, which was East Midlands Airport. I included the images and the facts.

I've had a short reply without any real comment other than reminding me that I signed the car out.

I've replied asking them to comment on the images and have not had a reply.

I'll escalate now to Green Motion head office and beyond.

BTW you cant post anything on the Green Motion Facebook page as they administrate it.

Any suggestions on how to spread the word to others by social media? I'm not normally a bitter person but charging me over £900 for a small chip is robbery. A small chip that is unlikely to have happened whilst in my care as my photographs demonstrate. I see that others have been grossly overcharged.

The more people that get to hear of their overcharging policy the better. Kind regards Neil

to neilcrawford #1369951

We hired from and paid them €65 for full insurance with no excess.

When my wife picked up the car from Green Motion she was told that there was still an excess of £995 that cost £130 to insure for 5 days.

I took the car back and pointed out that we had already insured the excess and was told that they would not have known that and i pointed out that it was perfectly clear on the rentsl voucher that my wife presented to them on collection.

I was told that they dont go by that but by the booking on the screen and that does not show.

That has to be a lie. have tried to sort it out without success so i will gibe Green Motion u days to refund it or take them to Court. It is a complete scam!

to neilcrawford #1392657

To cut a long upseting story short they charged me 995.00 for a scratch which on my photo was not present. I argued for months in the end i went to money claims on line .gov paid the £70.00 within 5 days the 995.00 was put back onto my card.

I have now paid another £70.00 and issued a warrant to recover interest it accrued over 6 months plus £140.00 court fees. Its the only SURE WAY TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK FROM THESE SCAMMERS


Hi Neil & Anonymus,

I am curious, did you get your money back or any response from Green Motion? Because my parents have a similar case with Green Motion.



to Sheila #1379943

Hi Sheila,

They did eventually refund me, I had to persist but yes I had a full refund.

I shouldn't have been charged at all, as I didn't damage the car.

However someone in the structure was reasonable and fair in then end.

FYI I buy prepaid collision damage waiver insurance now and recommend it.

Kind regards | Neil

Luton, England, United Kingdom #1305140

I have just been askes to pay £150 for a 15mm scratch on the alloy of a fiat 500. I hired the car for £43!!!! for 4 days rental.

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