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Update by user Jul 12, 2018

I eventually got in contact with Green Motion International and escalated my concerns to the senior customer service team. While my experience up until this point had been utterly exhausting and frustrating, as soon as I was dealing with HQ they acted swiftly to address my complaint and resolve my issue. I now consider my complaint against them as closed.

Update by user Feb 20, 2018

So I escalated my complaint to the BVLRA (the supposed regulatory authority for vehicle hire in the UK) and all they did was look at the paperwork and find in favour for Green Motion. They did not consider any of the evidence, or statements of doubt relating to my consumer right infringements-and the legality of whether Green Motion caused the damage themselves.

In the response Green Motion once again lied and denied the fact that I was not present at the return inspection. On digging a little deeper, found out that Green Motion pay for their membership to the BVLRA-which brings into question how they can act in an impartial manner given this fact. They will obviously protect their best interests,, and Green Motion get away with it again. I would love to take them to court, but I fear that I will just end up getting hit with a number of court costs-with no indication that I will win...Even though I think everything that they have done is questionable.

So-I need to give up the fight for my own loss, but hopefully can assist in preventing others from experiencing the same misfortune. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, PROTEST WITH YOUR POUNDS.

In other news, there are websites that offer insurance against the excess policies for a few pounds a day-I would suggest that if you're hiring a car from any company, take out one of these policies. Last and not least, DON'T LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN!

Original review posted by user Jan 23, 2018

Green Motion charged me £655 for the damage as per the photos attached. On returning the vehicle I had no awareness of the scratches, that is, I had not knowingly brushed, bumped or otherwise caused the scratches.

When I returned the car, it was extremely busy and I was informed to wait in the office-lo and behold they inspected my car in my absence, and called me over to inform me of the 'damage'. At first I had no reason to doubt that I may have caused them, and accepted that I may have to pay for repair....Until I found out that the charge was £655.

While I was at the counter, having something of a 'heated debate' about the costs, the manage promised me that the work would be carried out, and I would be refunded my money minus costs incurred-I have since found out that they will not repair the car, and they will stand to make 100% profit out of this charge. Given the fact that I have proof that the manager lied to my face, I now suspect that the person checking my car while I was in the office may have caused the scratches so that they could issue this charge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental.

Reason of review: Everything.

Monetary Loss: $850.

Green Motion Cons: Service, Staff, Charges, Complaints proceedure, Being lied to.

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Hi Kevin, can you please help me with the details of Green Motion HQ as I have been ripped off for the same amount.


Like many others here I was charged for damage I never did. I reported them to the West Sussex Trading Standards who did nothing.However, I think the more people who report these theiving scammers the better then the authorites have to do something eventually.So i urge you to follow up and report them.

to Kevin #1468568

Hey Kevin,Never fear, they have been reported to Trading Standards-but again no joy. Apparently they get added to a watch list, but what that actually means is something of a mystery!There is a group on Facebook called 'Class Action Against Green Motion'...Someone was trying to get enough people together to take it to court.Unfortunately, as an individual, I don't want to take the risk of taking them to court myself, they already have £650 of my hard earned cash, I don't want to spend more money going through the courts....Which is probably exactly why they are getting away with it!

to Christian #1629050

I hired a car for 2 days from their Heathrow branch in December '18 after a flight. On arrival at their office the staff warned me that there were likely to be difficulties, and a submission of a damage report if I returned the car before their 6am opening.

On my arrival at 6am there were no staff present so I left for my flight. There had been no damage on the car. As they predicted, a full damage report came in the following day. Green Motion failed to provide accurate photographic evidence of the actual car that I had hired showing damage.

Instead, they continued to send the same photographs of a car of the same colour with what appeared to be a scratch. For this they withheld the entire £1,205.00 deposit held on my credit card. Despite numerous attempts for irrefutable evidence, they sent a photograph of a man smiling from the passenger seat. The CEO of Green Motion apologized for their mistreatment of me and suggested recourse to various departments.

However this failed. We ended up going around in circles with my requests for proof of damage to the actual car that I had hired falling on deaf ears. They have now closed the case and kept my deposit. We have always taken out separate insurance cover for these kinds of eventualities, but unfortunately there are no insurance companies that cover Green Motion due to their appalling record on false and exaggerated claims.

I also attempted to seek help through Holiday Autos who brokered the hire. However as a 3rd party they were unable to help. Green Motion relies on extremely low rental charges to pull in customers but (as documented online) claims false & / or exaggerated damage to their vehicles, especially when they know that the customer is at an airport about to fly away from the UK. They are aware that once abroad, the customer is helpless.

Combined with the knowledge that there was no damage to my hire car, the large sum involved, and in light of previously publicized reports, I felt obliged to report their actions to the Police.

I have recently been contacted by the Victim Support charity offering assistance in this matter. I advise everybody to do the same.

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