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I went to Iceland with my family for a quick 5 day vacation for Labor Day weekend this summer. After getting picked up at the airport and being ferried 30 minutes away to the Green Motion Car Hire garage and waiting another 30 minutes to get called to pick up my car, I chose not to get the absurd ~$2300 "premium insurance" because I've always been a careful driver, and my credit card covers it.

However, after getting my keys, I was shown my car which was outside in the pouring rain, and no Green Motion employee came to inspect the car with me! And even though I took pictures, it was quite difficult to do any type of proper inspection in the pouring rain...this will be important later. In addition, as soon as I pulled out to pick up the rest of my family which I had left at the airport, I found that they had given me a car with virtually no gas, with only enough room for 5Km. Unfortunately, when I went to three various gas stations to refill, but none of them would take any of my chip and non chip credit cards, and there was no one to help me, so I had to waste another hour of fruitless efforts and driving back to Green Motion to demand they fill up the gas tank for me.

Thankfully my vacation itself was quite lovely - Iceland is beautiful! However, upon returning my car to Green Motion, even though I took quite a comprehensive set of photos of the car's initial damages, Green Motion charged me for a tiny damage to the paint that wasn't even 1/3 the size of a standard American penny. Unfortunately my photos that I took of the front end of the cover didn't cover that one section, and so I couldn't prove that it wasn't me. They then tried to charge me for another similar nick, but thankfully I did have a photo for that damage, and they had no choice but to let it go.

They then charged me the full ~$2300 insurance policy until they could get the damage assessed by a local garage. Recently the full bill has come out to be $1300 for the small nick, which is absolutely ABSURD, especially seeing as how I've talked to multiple car garages who said they would all quote damages at ~$200-$300. I will now be contesting this claim with my credit card insurance providers to get my due justice, but BUYER BEWARE - Green Motion will do everything they can to squeeze every single bit of money out of you that I can. Sadly it wasn't until after I had this experience that I did my research and realized this is a common problem with Green Motion all around the world, but particularly their outpost in Iceland.

Check TripAdvisor if you don't believe me... Joongseo Kim

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Glad you had a nice trip and terribly sorry to hear you were another victim of this scam called Green Motion. Myself and few other people we are taking group legal action against the franchise we all rented the car from and another against the uk head office.

This will be all over the media as we have support from large media in Europe and uk. It has been going on for too long. They need to pay back for the damage to the consumer trust.

Shame on Expedia as well for allowing them to even appear on their website. They will also be mentioned as their responsibility as a business is to protect their customers not directing to be a victims of fraud and scam


Agree with the post: - Overall rude people - downgrade from what we booked - bad pick up experience (we also had to be driven to a place outside of the airport and wait for ages to get our vehicle) - hidden insurance fees - Car broke down in the middle of Iceland, very poor assistance from the company: they knew the car has a default but didn't tell us anything beforehand. They reacted as if it was our fault and that we created problem for them.

They refused to change our vehicle. - Racist comment towards other tourists from China and sexist comments when we asked them to send a new vehicle


The exact same thing happened to me. The Green Motion lady would point out any hairline scratch that was probably there before I rented the car.

She was going to charge $400+ USD for every tiny scratch. I told them that it was impossible to notice these scratches because it was pouring down rain when I picked up the car. I reasoned with them for over half an hour but they would not budge. Eventually, I talked to the other renters at the store to be referees.

Some were disgusted with Green Motions’ behavior. I Green Motion was afraid that I was making a scene and scaring off its customers and decided to reverse the charges. Green Motion is the most dishonest company in Iceland.

Their greed will damage not just their brand but the reputation of the Iceland tourism industry. Iceland Tourism association should do something about this company!!!


Who goes to Iceland ?

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