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Very disappointing experience in Riga Airport.

Arrived and paperwork was quick and easy. Was explained that they didn't have car I booked and they gave me upgraded car, witch was very nice I thought. Found the car in carpark and surprise surprise, car had coupe large dents on it. Looked around and thought ok, as theses were marked on the checklist as well, so ok. Bare in mind it was 22.00 and it rained. Lady at the desk told me when signing papers that as its dark, check the car in the morning when its light outside. Drove 200km to my home and checked the car in the morning with all good.

Returned car after 5 days at 8PM with no one to check the car and surprise email next day " we discovered scratches on the side of the car! Pictures attached where micro scratches that I would not have seen even if the car was just out from wash! Total charges close to deposit amount, plus they also charged me for cleaning the car? and tried to charge me for crossing the border, even though I already paid for this service. Funny part was that after I disputed several times about the charges and bringing up dark/wet pickup and return with no one the check the car condition, the last email back did say pretty much that its my own fault that I wanted to rent car from this time to that time! No customer service what so ever! Unfortunately I just read the comments on this site now and see that im not the only one, so be aware, you will not get your deposit back!

First picture is from pick up and others are the scratches they charged me for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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in fact, this is not a company, one way or another they will easily rob you and they will say that everyting was written on the agreement you signed that you never read. you can be sure that they will charge you thousands of euros for a car rental. it is better to buy a new one rather than rent a car never think to rent a car, they will charge you thousands of euros, instead buy a new car


It seems like most, if not all car rental agencies are now in the business of scamming people for such "damages" as you describe. I have seen complaints about these scams from almost all car rental agencies and it apparently is now something these companies realize they can profit from by claiming you somehow damaged the car, etc.

One thing to remember is to never, ever use a debit card for a car rental but use a credit card so you can dispute any scam charge. Better yet, get a credit card for the sole purpose of renting a car and if you run into scam charges, dispute it, etc.

and if the bank sides with the car company, just cancel out this "throwaway" card and refuse to pay for something you don't owe. Take the "hit" on your credit if you must, but life goes on.

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