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I brought a car back to the Edgware branch of Green Motion. The car park is two floors beneath their office in the Hilton Hotel lobby.

The guy checking in the car drew my attention to a non-existent scratch on the bumper.

25mm of 'scratch' which felt slightly rough to touch and was invisible to the naked eye.

Apparently I should have reported this having noticed it within 24 hours. Not humanly possible.

Here's an interesting exercise. Back in the office where I was told £290 for this repair and with blood pressure rising, I asked the guy sitting next to my scammer to come with me down to the car park to independently try to spot the scratch which the first guy has 'found' so easily. He couldn't say no.

So we walked down to the carpark together (where there's no mobile reception). Surprise surprise, he could point to nothing.

Until a different colleague with a torch on his mobile happened to be passing and pointed it at the spot. He got quite aggressive when I told him to move away.

This is fraud.

Why is this company allowed to operate?

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental.

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