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Needed to rent a 4x4 in Costa Rica for 10 days and found one on Travelocity for $182. When we arrived at SJO there were signs for other rental companies but none for Green Motion.

We were told by employees that the shuttle came every 30-45 minutes. After about 30 minutes the shuttle arrived. It was only a 5 minute drive so we probably would have been better off taking an Uber. Getting off the shuttle to driving off in the car took more than an hour.

We have a lot of experience renting internationally so we knew $182 was much lower than the actual price after insurance. Liability is mandatory in CR but CDW is not. However, Green Motion refused to let us remove CDW from the rental. We even had a printed letter from our credit card company saying we had CDW coverage but Green Motion said there was no way to remove CDW as it’s all a package and there’s no package without CDW.

Liability was $10 per day and CDW was $20 per day. CDW which we didn’t need added an extra $200 to the rental.

To their credit the 4x4 we rented was in excellent condition with few kilometers.

The drop off was fairly seamless but it did take a while for the shuttle to take us to the airport. Next time I’m in CR I’ll probably use a different company but the experience wasn’t completely terrible.

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