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My flight was delayed two hours into Gatwick. I did the right thing and informed them and they replied saying no problem. When i eventually turn up at the desk , 30 mins before closing to find they "gave my car away which i had already paid for $236.28. "luckily" they only had one car left (Mercedes!) and so i paid an extra $226.91. Total cost for car has now doubled.

I was on my way to visit dear family friends who had recently lost their daughter to motor neurone disease so I needed a car to get to Brighton and I was already very late due to the delayed flight. Maybe Green Motion staff smelt my desperation.

As it was close to closing time i was rushed around the car and off i went. On return of the car to heathrow airport, "damage" was identified on the checklist form for the rim. the staff at Green Motion siad that the tire was now damaged. Now any expert (and i was with a automotive technical trainer at the time could see that the damage for the rim and the tire were the same. However the Green Motion staff were adamant and they charged me $2040.60 for this damage. This is the cost of a new tire and admin fee. Apparently.

The icing on the cake was to pay GBP5 for the shuttle bus from Green Motion Holiday Inn to Heathrow.

I feel sad, cheated, scammed and ripped off. what are my options?

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Mercedes Benz Car Rental.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Complete scam.

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Here is my story. NEVER NEVER HIRE with this mob of racketeers.

READ THE REVIEWS. I hired from Heathrow airport, needed to take a 5 pound shuttle to their office at The Holiday Inn that took forever. I arrived 30 min late because my plane was delayed, I was told first i would have a late charge levied, i reluctantly agreed to this, then was told my car had gone because i was late (this was between 9.30pm & 10pm when they close!) so i now had to pay for an upgrade which was more than the total i had paid for my car originally. If not they would treat it as a cancellation & i would lose all my money.

I reluctantly agreed as it was now after 11pm & they said they would just go home & i would be stranded (55 year old woman at night in dark streets) I took photos of the dash board for petrol level purposes but next day found they had put my milage at 702 miles less on the paper work so if i hadn't noticed i would have been charged for each mile.There were also lots of deep scratches, dents & marks all over the car & wheels that i photographed & sent in to them. The worst conditioned car i have ever hired. Later that week i wanted to deliver the car to another destination to be told they are franchises & i couldn't do that except to Gatwick so i had to change my flight, their terms & conditions state 18.60 euros for drop off a another destination but they charged me 60pounds. I reluctantly agreed.

Then at drop off after i had taken photos again, my expert damage investigator found an invisible dent below the door handle & charged me 390pounds from my deposit. I was furious, but he said i could charge it to my insurance. I wanted to see it again & the car was being washed & my expert damage investigator got a special mirror with lines on it to try to show me the damage, i still couldn't see it but he maintained it was there, the paint fleck he said was damaged paint actually disappeared with a thumb nail scrape so was not paint damage, but a stuck dirt particle. I even asked another employee if he could see it, he said no but Mattie is the expert.

I had to catch a plane & i feel that i was a soft target as i was a lone female living in Australia & catching a plane very soon. I have sent in a complaint asking for their photos of the damage, they have sent them to me but I still con't see anything & i'm now waiting for them to show me where the damage is.

We have complained to our credit card company who can put a stop on the payment if you are quick enough to cancel your card & we have read the newspaper articles from the Guardian & The Sun who seem to be on their case & shining the spotlight on them with some success. They need to be stopped & the rental search engines need to be at the forefront of this as Green Motion appear in all the first searches for car rentals in UK.


This company is a complete scam, nearly got caught but luckily videoed the car at pickup and def preexisting v minor mark they thought I'd missed....so very close to getting scammed.They are thiefs and crooks and its premeditated. Simply do not rent from them their low prices are a bait.You are warned and if still rent it will end in tears.

to Paul Johnstone #1526175

Thanks for leaving a message. I hope this encourages others to do the same!Please also lodge with your local Citizens advice Bureau or direct with Trading Standards because whilst this does not necessarily help resolve an individual dispute, it gives Trading Standards vital intelligence on how a trader is conducting their business.Just think about it........ if everyone lodges their concern, what picture would it paint to Trading Standards on Green Motion conduct their business??

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