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rented a car over the Christmas / New Year period and used them as they were local and - as they were in the London Hilton - I assumed reputable.

They tried to sell additional insurance - called me 3 times after I had already declined it when I reserved the car on line. I picked up the car and the agent continued to try and sell additional cover.

The car itself was fine and looked in good condition (or so I thought) then I came to return it. "Go and wait by your car" barked the agent - when I tried to hand in the keys. I had enjoyed a totally incident free trip and I had returned the car a day early with more diesel than the car had when I picked it up (they don't give you a full tank which I also thought was a bit odd) so I did not expect any problems.

When the agent came over to my car, however, he said there was a dent! He then pointed out a miniscule pimple of an indentation in the passenger door - less than 1mm and with no paint scratch or anything that would suggest any type of contact I can't honestly say whether that indentation was there prior to renting or not - it was simply too miniscule to notice.

The agent said he was going to keep the deposit (they take 300 pounds from your credit card that they obviously have no intention of returning). When I told him that I would challenge this he said "We already have your money". Fortunately for some reason they had not been able to charge the 300 pounds in advance but they still went ahead and charged $243.25 to my credit card after I returned the car. I am challenging this charge with the credit card company.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. usembassy is quite happy with vehicle and stated that there is a room for improvement of obvious customer rip off. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "scam" of green motion car rental and associated monetary loss in the amount of $243. Green Motion needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Same happened to me at Hilton Stansted, damage to wheel alloy 1 cm scratch they claim this was done by me . They charged £150 for a scratch .Don't trust these people. Take photos of parts incl wheels before renting for self protection

Genesee, Michigan, United States #952893

AGREE! Happened to me too, FRAUDSTERS!!!! Spread the word.

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