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Green Motion, Rome Fiumcino. Never again!!! 1 of 1 people found it helpful
When I returned car there was ( according to attendant) a minute dent. He spotted this on the second inspection trip around car. . I honestly couldn't see it. I have photos taken and can't see a dent or anything. We were charged £156 for this and because time was pressing we decided to pay and fight on line. It really ruined our holiday. My wife is apoplectic with rage and unfair tretament. BEWARE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Just wondering if any one had same issue with this car Peugeot...
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  • Charged for false damage
Dear reader, After reading your article regarding customer complaints with Green Motion I felt compelled to share my experience. We had to wait in line for 3 hours to pick up the car. The employee handing over the car had a ten second walk around the vehicle and when I asked if there was any damage he pointed out scratches on the nearside wheel rims. When we returned the car 3 days later the receiving employee went over the car like a forensic...
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2400€ was a big hole to your holiday budget! The car itself was perfectly new, Peugeot 208, lazy as donkey but that was about we were ordered. When we finally left there were about 30 unlycky families on the line still waiting for they car. PS. Somethin happened during this two weeks because the return of the car took only about 10 minutes and after few days (after the holiday!) I have got the 2400€ money back to my account. Unfortunately when...
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  • Long wait