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Funnily enough I'm in the same process as yourself and the "mention of the last five rentals for damage" was given to me also. The "scratch" he pointed out - bloke with acne problem on face - I couldn't see and even with my spectacles on I still couldn't see it, until his finger traced a very slightly different colour of paint - it was about 2" by 0.5" and off he went to "check the previous five checkouts".....whilst he was "checking" I took photos of the offending area....the offending area was so faint the photographs couldn't show the "scratch".

He then said it was his job to see in his opinion if there was damage and would check with supervisor if the damage was chargeable - you'll hear within two or three days....he didn't know I;d be back with another pre-booking four days later and as I'd heard nothing when I returned, I asked if anything had been charged for the earlier return? Yes, you have £600.oo plus charged to your credit card for damage - checking with the credit card Company, it was charged the same day as I dropped off the car - so much for the two to three days. Anyway I quickly obtained photos of the "damage" and instead of half and inch by 2 inch faint mark, it's mysteriously changed to a very thin long scratch - which can be clearly be seen without my spectacles.

Credit card informed and money with held, also my insurance have been informed together with the police for suspected fraud......see what happens. dated 07.April.2019.

Green Motion Pros: To get away from the robbing gits.

Green Motion Cons: Tried to scam and rip off the customers.

  • Green Motion Gatwick Airport
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