Green Motion Fiat Car Rental Reviews

Green Motion - Feeling utterly mugged!
Returned a Fiat 500 Lounge to GreenMotion at Stansted today after a two day rental and was charged £156 for the tiniest scratch on the alloy. It had been noted that the other 3 alloys were already scuffed but I struggled to see the damage and it's hard to prove if was there when I picked up the car. I wiped the mark with my finger and I'm sure that given a bit more time and effort I could've removed all marks. I took photos and am now pursuing a...
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I liked
  • Car
I didn't like
  • False damage report
  • Attitude and questable business practice
  • Staff not helpful resolving issue
When returning the vehicle, Green Motion staff barely looked at the car and went straight to highlight a supposedly scuffed mark on the wheel of the driver's side. I was driving the car for almost a week, and I would surely know if the car hit anything while driving or parking. If it were on the passenger's side it would have been more likely, but the would have had that mark before I rented the car. Before renting the car, the staff would only...
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I didn't like
  • Unfair charges
  • Additional driver scam
  • Unscrupulous dodgy dealings