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Using a booking engine to find a car rental for my UK holiday this year, I made a 20% non-refundable payment to a company called Argus Car Hire (Argus). Argus is an agent which has a number of suppliers, one of which is Green Motion (GM).

Argus emailed a voucher which I provided to GM on arrival at Manchester Airport to hire the car. The voucher outlines the rental conditions and balance of the cost of hire.

GM said its practice was to take a £750.00 "security deposit" from the credit card in addition to the hire cost. I was not aware of this at the time of making my booking with Argus. I felt I was unable to refuse to make this payment (I would not have been given the car or if I did refuse would have then lost my initial 20%). I reluctantly paid the hire cost plus £750.00.

I returned the car on 13 August 2010, out of hours (pre-arranged/agreed). I had to leave the car key with another customer waiting for GM to open as it did not have a key drop off box.

On 14 August 2010 I emailed GM explaining my efforts to hand over the keys referencing the customer's name and number who I left the key with.

Later that day I received a phone call. GM said I would receive my deposit back less certain deductions; fuel (it claimed on the telephone that the fuel tank was empty) and a "valet charge".

The deduction was £112.65.

I argued that fuel tank was not short of fuel (GM later changed its "empty" claim to "19 litres short") as I had topped up the fuel tank twice at the airport and provided receipts to prove this. My obligation was to return the car with a quarter full tank. I checked the manufacturer's specification and a quarter tank would have been no more than 14 litres!

With regards to the valet charge, GM said the car was returned in an "unacceptable condition". It made no attempt to support this allegation, failed to provide a copy of the check-in report, failed to provide photographic evidence and failed to split the cost of what it considered to be a normal valet charge upon receiving a returned car and the extra over cost due to the "unacceptable condition".

It took four months to get the entire deposit back with the help of my credit card supplier.

In December I contacted Argus about this situation and it came back with the following response:

"Unfortunately, as per our terms and conditions, all customer queries and claims must be received within 30 days of the rental return date, and as such we are unable to process your issue."

I would not recommend either company. Argus due to not knowing which supplier you might get on making a booking and GM due to reasons stated above.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental Booking.

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its a rip off...the managing team need to get review..clearly the owner of both company need to get his feet out from his house and go hard on the manager and staff...this is broaddaylight robbbery argus car hire and green motion. im going to pass the message that nobody rents and hire from this 2 company.yes it will never affect maybe now, but your time will come.


We rented a car in May 2012 at Green Motion Manchester, and on pick-up we checked the car for dents and scratches. On return they blamed us for a minor pin that was hardly visible and not through the paint.

We would never have spotted the pin on pick-up and would never marked it on the rental agreement.

We disagreed, but there were none from management available. We were told to send an email, that they never replied on. After several emails and phone calls we finally got a response after contacting the headquarters, but we did not get anything out of it.

I would say that this company make money on charging customers for alleged damages.

The car rental price was low, but when you add the charges this got expensive. Stay away!


I hired from GM at Manchester Airport in July 2012. I returned the vehicle with minor damage(admitted) and had my full £750.

deposit retained by them.

I have claimed against my excess insurers who have, quite reasonably, asked through me, for further details from GM. I have e-mailed GM 4 times at 3 different e-mail addresses but have not even had the requested acknowledgement of receipt of my request.


I'm a foreigner. During my tenancy GM, I had a parking penalty.

GM has charged € 110 on my payement card for administrative costs and the more I pay the penalty of £ 50! Be careful!


We have just returned from a bad experience with Green Morion following a two day rental. The rental company office is at the holiday inn.

We had a Citreon c2 booking. We paid insurance charge if 7 euros per day to reduce excess to 150. We were advised there is a 150 blocking transaction on our car.

Upon return we were advised that we are to be billed for body work damage . This is for 3 finger print dents not viewable straight on but barely visible if you hunch down and look sideways up the car. We did not do this on initial ore inspection and neither did their agent. We know based on our use of the car that we did not incur this damage it is actually difficult to how this could be done as there was no scratches.

The only side of the car checked in this manner by side ways check was this side which was a little suspicious. Out battle with this company and the original booking with Angus just begins.

In all our experience with car hire have we had such rudeness and it strikes fully of scam bill for minor body damage . I have read some other posts with similar issues with damage.

This is not the hassle you need avoid.


I hired a car from Luton Airport last week end and left it back on Sunday exactly as I got it. On monday I received an e-mail to say that there was damage to the Alloy and they would be charging me £117.

I replied straight away and again the next day and again this morning to say that I Never damaged the car and it was just wear and tear that existed previously. Anyway it was all to no avail as the money has gone from my credit card.

How can we put these guys out of business? I have contacted Watchdog.


I am in the process of recovering the 750 pounds deposit and we all agreed the car was returned in the same condition!Two months later someone connected with Man. Green Motion has withdrawn money from my credit card under disguise of a car hire.If you have used Man G.M. PLEASE CHECK YOUR C/C.I have had to cancel my card and my bank is investigating.


Same problem with Green motion keeping £750 security depositI returned vehicle,they examined it ,said everything was ok and gave me a sales voucher for a full refund.On arriving home in Spain had been sent an email saying they had now found substantial damage to the car and would now be charged.I contacted my credit card company and after 7 weeks of worry i have got my money back, no thanks to green motion.I contacted Green motion and asked if there had been so much damage, where was the estimate for the work to be done.Guess what, i have still not heard from them or received an estimate for the alleged damage.I have made a complaint to my credit card company and lets hope they blacklist them.Do they think we are all ***



If it doesn’t form part of your Agreement (the taking a £750.00 deposit up front) then you should inform your credit card company immediately. The practice adopted by most other companies is to block the card, i.e. authorise the transaction without actually taking the “security deposit”.

Were you charged for hire and deposit as one transaction? In addition, you do not say whether you booked directly or through an agent.

As for a demonstration, I’d doubt very much that this is possible as these forums are connecting so many individuals who have hired a car from this company having travelled overseas. The best advice is to post frank reviews of ill treatment such that others can make up their own minds and most likely book elsewhere.


I have just hired a car with Green Motion at the Manchester airport franchise and they have taken the entire £750 with NO EXPLANATION. Am now in the lengthy process of trying to get an explanation, and the money refunded from either my credit card company or GM......... here is to hoping it goes quickly, but I doubt it.

If nothing happens before my next trip in a few weeks, then I will be going to the desk personally, maybe we can organise a demonstration.



I'd suggest that although they've been stinging a lot of people, a class action may be difficult to organise and people may be better advised to enlist the help of the credit card company.

If the credit card company gets fed up with the complaints over this company, it'll stop honouring payments and therefore, this will damage this company to a far greater degree.

Have you contacted the credit card company in your case?


I also have had Green motion at Manchester airport deduct money from my deposit unfairly. It would seem there are more customers who have also received the same treatment?

Perhaps we should pursue this both through the county court and possibly a further legal claim? anybody else with similar experience?


The nice lady might be Michelle, the Franchise Owner's secretary. You might try

Best of luck. As a post script to my story, the credit card company gave me my money back as an ex-gratia payment so my "refund" wasn't from GM at all. You might like to ring your credit card company and complain about the vendor as eventually they'll be blacklisted by VISA / Mastercard etc and this will damage their business.

Full details of Michelle Lee as follows:

Michelle Lee

PA to Managing Director

Green Motion Vehicle Rental

Tel. 0333 888 4001




I rented on 23rd of December at MANCHESTER AIRPORT and should pay 1500 GBP (!) deposit or take a I`d to pay 98 GBP to get the car (additional to already paid car hire) and now they charged my credit card twice and i have not my deposit back yet.

So a nice lady from GM London told me that she`ll try to sort things out.....

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