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When we arrived at Bristol airport we called the company to pick us up. The 1St mini bus arrived and left full.

We had to call again for the bus to return. We were taken to a small office a short distance away. I was asked for my drivers license and national insurance number the booking confirmation. The member of staff asked for a credit card for the deposit which was £1200.

I don't have a credit card and they would not accept my wife's. So we had to pay an extra £36 for 2 days as I had to put the deposit on my visa card and they took £400 deposit which I was told would be released a few days after the car was returned. (this took a week).Whilst in the office I could hear another family struggling to sort out their deposit too. The staff were abrupt and unfriendly.

We eventually went outside to a Renault Clio. The member of staff walked around the car while we inspected the car for any known damage. The staff had a clipboard with map of the car and when he checked the map he was convinced that the rear alloy wheel should have been damaged but when we checked there was nothing at all wrong with it. He then continued to check the car and noted any previous scuffs to the wheels.

He then stated that the cars fuel should be returned to the same amount as it was on the return. It was about 3/4 full. I don't know why they don't do full to full but I had to fill it prior to leaving our final destination and just before we got back to the company as it was just under. I took a photo on my phone as proof and reminder.

When we returned the car the next day we went into the office to return the keys. I had already said to my wife I was uncomfortable with the whole set up. A female staff member said she'd check the car over. We went outside to the car.

She checked the mileage and fuel. (your only allowed 92 miles per day). She then began to check the outside of the car. She briskly walked around the car then promptly stopped at the front of the car as if she knew where to stop exactly.

She then pointed out a very minor scratch under the front bumper skirt which looked more like dried car wax Polish to me. She said that this was a new scratch as it wasn't documented on the car map which was done the day earlier. I knew I hadn't done this and informed her the car had not been in any collision and had been parked in a field as we'd been to a wedding. I think if I'd given a different reaction it would have been just what she wanted so I'd have to pay for the damage.

She stated she'd check on the computer to see if the scratch had been previously noted. She checked and stated that there was nothing recorded. I again informed her I was not responsible for the damage so she checked the previous customers map sheet of the car and she confirmed it was last customer and that their computer hadn't been updated. Though I wasn't convinced this was true as she didn't show me the sheet.

I definitely would not use this company again. I would advise anyone considering this company to look elsewhere as I feel that you'll get scammed anyway they can.

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