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I hired a Peugeot 2008 GT Line 5 (Registration No.GL17 PYG) car on Saturday 20th January 2018 from Green Motion Car and Van Rental at Heathrow Airport (Holiday Inn location). On check-in 2 small scratches were recorded as already being on the vehicle on the bonnet.

A further scratch was also incorrectly recorded on the back-rear door but as it was raining heavily I did not see the alleged scratch or the minute dent in the same area when I picked up the car. I believe the minute dent was approximately 1cm in diameter was incorrectly recorded as a scratch instead of a dent. There were no accidents, scratches or dents to the vehicle throughout the lease period. On Tuesday 30th January 2018, I returned the vehicle to the Green Motion Car and Van Rental at Heathrow Airport (Holiday Inn Location) in exactly the same condition as I had received it in.

To my surprise the person checking over the vehicle went instantly to the back of the car to point out the dent that he accused me of making. I thought it was unusual that he did not thoroughly check the rest of the vehicle first but went straight there. As you can see in the attached photos, the dent cannot be seen unless the sun is shining on it on a particular angle. The check in clerk for the vehicle was clearly part of a larger scam that Green Motion Car and Van Rental are running.

I refuted the accusation and disputed it accordingly (which the check in clerk advised me to do) whereupon I signed a release form to release the car vehemently disputing the false accusation. The check in clerk advised that “Head Office” would contact me to which they did not. I was therefore shocked to discover that Green Motion had then fraudulently scanned my signature onto an invoice which I never agreed to or signed and debited my account for £312.16 on the same day (30th January 2018) that I returned the vehicle! In addition, the check in clerk knew that I was in a hurry as I had a flight to catch that same afternoon to Australia.

I believe he was hoping that the charges would not be noticed until much later. But as fate would have it my flight was cancelled until the following day due to an issue with the aircraft, so I saw the fraudulent charges immediately being processed to my bank account. I had received no notification as to what this charge was for as I had paid everything before on 5th November 2017. Upon questioning them via email they then issued me with the fraudulent invoice with my signature stating that the charges were for: £33.33 + £6.67 [VAT] upgrade (already paid on 20th January 2018) £272.16 for the minute dent that the check in clerk falsely accused me of.

They also said that the damages charge was for a dent with ‘paint broken’ which is not there (again you can clearly see in the photos there is no paint damage above the number plate at all). They may have of course scratched the car by now in order to corroborate their false story. When I emailed them back twice to question the invoice and the fraudulent scanning of my signature they have not to date provided a response to the queries I have raised. I have since had to cancel my credit card with my bank so they do not keep charging my account fraudulently.

I raise the following questions for consideration: How can they get away with; 1. The scam in the first place on damages not caused by the driver? 2. Fraudulently scanning my signature and pasting it onto an invoice I have never seen or authorized?

3. Fraudulently debiting my account to a transaction I have not agreed to?

I am deeply distressed over this matter and it has caused me considerable stress. I urge you to report them to the BVLRA, Consumer Affairs, your insurance company, etc.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Peugeot Car Rental.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $492.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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My mother had exactly the same happen to her where they fraudulently put her signature on a blank piece of paper and then wrote up a false report after she'd returned the car with no issues. Two weeks later she got charged through the nose for alleged dents.

She rose up a stink and luckily got her money back. But that's not the end of it. She reported them to Latvian authorities and now they have a court case coming up soon against them. She is going to attend as a victim of fraud.

What they are doing is disgusting and they should be all put to in prison.

This is a worldwide scam operation. If this has happened to you, please contact your bank and tell them to get your money back and if you can take them to court!


If you can argue as you say the damage report is inconsistent you have recourse. I argued that and got them to e mail to the effect that because the damage report was flawed I was entitled to a full refund. E mail me at info@pianoexpress.ie and I’ll help you out with it



I have reported them to the bvrla due to the dangerous condition of the car and the fact that now 2 days after returning the car to them they want to charge me £50.00 for damage to the locking wheel nut.

They are complete scammers and need to be shut down.


I'm trying to organise a class action lawsuit against green motion WOuld you be interested in coming on board

There is now a facebook page for class action against green motion and ask to be added

I will add you



to s treacy #1445855

Hi, i am currently in dispute with Greenmotion over a similar incident. I have involved the police who are currently investigating possible fraud.

I would be interested in a class action.

Regards. Richard

to s treacy #1449818

Hi SeanDefinitely interested in a class action as I really feel strongly that this company should be exposed for what they are - a bunch of fraudsters.

to s treacy #1458360

I have had same experience today.Can you send me details on class action

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