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I rented a car from Green Motion Edinburgh and will never make that mistake again. I went with them cause it seemed to be the best deal.

However, when I got there it was over an hour and a half to get to see a representative. First crap policy they have is an outrageous deposit. They wanted me to deposit around 3K USD to get the car. After they realized my credit cards limit would not allow that they dropped it to around 550 USD.

We ended up needing to come home a few days early and to catch our flight we had to return the car fairly early. When we got there we were told that if we returned the car before 7am we would be charged 36 pounds for a return before regular business hours. Then they after having to pay that we got charged 75 extra pounds. They said it was due to being returned between midnight and 7am.

So we got charged a total of 111 pounds to return the car early morning. It was 6am. Furthermore, unlike every other rental company, Green Motion doesn't refund unused days. So the other two days that we had originally expected to need the car for we never got reimbursed.

They won't tell you any of this at the rental desk and will take every advantage of you they can.

Also, if your thinking you will get your deposit back in a timely manner, you will be waiting about a month or more. Pay a little extra and go with a better company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental.

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If you only knew what they did to mu husband. However we are going for a CCJ...will see how they respond to this.

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