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The positive reviews on here are from Green Motion Staff.

My husband had our reservation as picking the car up at 11:00 am. We arrived in Gatwick around 8 am. When we arrived at Green Motion we were told our car was not available at that moment, even though their lot was filled to the brim with every car imaginable, BUT she could upgrade us to a better car for 180 pounds. My husband said no way, we will wait until 11:00 am.

The clerk then told us we could return to the airport and wait. My husband said, “No thank you, we will wait right here in your lobby.”

As we set there in the lobby we were absolutely dumbfounded at how both clerks forced every single customer to buy their insurance because the insurance the customer purchased wouldn’t cover Green Motion cars. If, however, they had rented the car thru Green Motion or then their insurance would be fine. None of the customers had rented their car thru Green Motion or

If the customer began to get upset or argue, the manager would walk over and say the very same thing the clerk had just told them. All of the customers were from other countries, just got off their flight and was shuttled to Green Motion. There were no other car rental places around for these people to take their business. They were stuck and forced to buy Green Motion’s insurance, even though they had already paid for insurance thru the booking agent.

Each customer MUST have a credit card in their name as Green Motion puts a deposit for the car on the credit card.

If you only have a debit card and are forced to change the name of the customer to a family member with a credit card then there is a very large fee to change the name on the reservation. If I am remembering correctly, it was somewhere around 200 pounds. After this amount is paid to change the name on the reservation, then there is an additional charge to add the original customer as an added driver.

After sitting in the lobby for over an hour, hearing what they were doing to all the customers, the manager came over to us and said, “I can get you into a car right now for an additional 100 pounds.” My husband said, “No thank you, we will wait.”

After two hours of sitting there, one of the clerks talked to her manager and then called my husband up to the counter and said we can get you into your car right now. She started the insurance scam on him, which he wasn’t going for and wasn’t going to buy their insurance.

When she realized she couldn’t get him on that, she then told him that he was 80 and they don’t rent cars to people who are 80 or over. I looked thru their paperwork and online and I didn’t see this anywhere.

Bottom line… DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE! They are scam artists! If the price looks to good to be true, it is!

I guarantee you will pay several hundred pounds more when you arrive to get your car. They will get you one way or another!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Green Motion Cons: Green motion in gatwick is scammers - do not use them, Upcharge in every possible way.

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I do agree totally. I know someone who is taking them to court....

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