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If you have had a problem with this company due to fraudulent practices, do get back to me as I am going to filing a class action law suit. It was obvious that they were upset that I did not take full insurance, of course when the car was returned they found a scratch on the rim and charged me 180 pounds. They were incompentant enough to not even know which side to mark the damage. Now the scratch originally reported to 4cm has some how grown to 15cm. The rental office was closed when I returned the car, it was supposed to be open. I have been renting cars for over 30 years and never experienced such blatant money gouging

Barry Jones

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental.

Reason of review: Fraudulent practices.

Monetary Loss: $185.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I would like to join this action. £500 for an barely visible scratch


Similar issue. We did cause some damage (we admitted to).

Should have been about $300 worth of repair to replace a rear view mirror.

They took a deposit of $3,500 and have not responded (in any way) to our requests for a refund of the difference. Would be glad to talk class action.


I had a similar experience, they tried to blame me for damage that pre-existed on my rental car. I made a big fuss at the time and walked away.

I was astonished to note that a young couple returning a car next to mine were getting the same treatment. Someone needs to take them to court.


They have just forwarded me the bill for a puncture £895 including £295 recovery... Just telephoned the AA who looked at the incident on their system due to the car not having a spare all roadside recovery was free as they have a contract with Citroen

Would seem green motion are just completely blatant thieves as they say the car needed a new wheel, funny that as both AA guys that came out said it only needed a tyre, what a complete bunch of thieving chancers


I'm with you on this. Let me know how you would like to proceed with this. I've posted my experience under review #792311 by


Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom #1105464

I have asked the car rental company to send me a picture of the damage with the wheel on the car, they have not.

The picture of the damage they have sent has additional scuff marks etc but these were not recorded on the original paper work as had been done on the other wheels.

It has me returning the car after hours. The rental office is supposed to be open from 6am -12pm.

I arrived at the office around 6am and waited for about an hour!!!!

My car rental price was originally £9.43, final bill £197. They were not happy that I did not pay the extra £20 for additional insurance, that was evident from the beginning

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