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Why bother? A certain Irish airline gave me cheaper rates. Cheaper than any other car hire at Birmingham Airport. I'm a seasoned car getter so know the procedure and traps.

I was provided with a Honda Jazz. It seemed this is the only smaller car they have even though the online selection was a Polo. No worries, it was bigger although underpowered. On hire, GM staff told me that the car was free of any damage and had a full tank. I could return it empty if I paid 24 pounds, which after some thinking, I paid for.

Off I walked the 5 mins to the car and started taking photos. Car was very dirty inside with mud in the drivers side and crumbs and receipts in the passenger side. Then I noticed the scratches and big hole I could put my finger in on the passenger wing mirror. So walked back to GM reception. After some huffing, they offered to change the car.

This is where the real problems started. The staff checked on a replacement car and told me the replacement was 3/4 full. So I asked for a refund of the 24 just paid for a full tank. Oh... the head office had just closed (5pm). Will refund by next week. After a wait went to car. It was still a dirty car but now weariness was setting in after a long flight. Took photos of the small scratches on the car which was also supposed to be pristine. Then started up. Bing goes the fuel warning light. A big yellow icon flashing away giving the lie to 3/4 full. At what point does anyone start to think 'I'm being taken for a ride here'? So I trotted back to reception, only to find that everyone had disappeared. Asking around they should be back. Hung about for 30 mins but had already spent an extra hour on this hire. So tried calling the office the next day. Was told if I have evidence of the fuel that's OK. If I return the car empty that's ok. 24 pounds will be back next week. It wasn't, called midweek 7 days after hire and was told it was processed 2 days ago.

So the car went gone back. No damage, signed off (phew). No 24 pounds 13 days later. And lots of emails to GM , them promising a refund, asking for patience for 5 days processing, etc etc. So I started a claim with my bank. They have temporarily refunded to me the 24 pounds, but still no acknowledgement from GM. Over a month later after the rental ended, nothing. I will now keep my head down.

Thankfully I have video and photo evidence of the fuel state and the agreement.

It has cost me more in time than the amount saved in Rent. Avoid these liars. I would not have written that if they had not delayed for over a month now, the simple refund.

The major problem I have with all this is that no hire firm had ever given me completely reassuring service. So it is a question of picking the best of a bad bunch. A tip for the reader, always take a shot of the rental form, signed off by the agent, before you give it back on return.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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