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I would like to raise a complaint regarding a damage claim from the Greenmotion company that didn't occur while we got the car and also due to the rude treatment we have experienced from one of the company´s staff.

On Saturday 15th of March 2014, my partner hired a car from the Greenmotion car rental company, our booking reference was CTR-134098-163608 and we collected it at their installations based in Holiday Inn M4J4 on Sipson Road, close to London-Airport Heathrow.

The car model we received is a Honda Jazz with 5 doors and the registration number is GN63XNO with 8117 miles on the clock.

The staff gave us a car in poorly conditions, there were over 18 minor dents and slight scratches all over the car that were not identified by the staff (her name is NICO) and I reported them in the "Car vehicle condition report" form feeling intimidated by the employee who was reluctant to take notes of my observations.

When we drop-off the car on Wednesday 19th of March 2014 to the branch office, another member of the staff made an inspection and apparently he found 2 scratches, so I asked him to show me the scratches and he couldn´t find them but he reported them in the "Car vehicle condition report" form, and then with a very intimidating voice he told us that he was charging us for the damages. I feel that this is a scam, due to he couldn´t show us the evidence, so I asked to speak with the branch manager or with someone in spanish. The man refused to attend my petition and there was another member of the staff who couldn´t speak spanish but was trying to help us in portuguese language.

The portuguese man was very helpful and we asked him to make a second inspection but the other man was looking at him very theathreting and the portuguese man explained us that he could see our point but unfortunatelly he couldn´t do anything about the issue. Perhaps he was afraid of losing his job due to the other man´s theathreting looking, so he provided us with the customer service email address. Furthermore, we were charged 750GBP to my partner account for damages that don´t exist.

My partner went out of the office and took pictures of the car and also to the "imaginary" scratches, I have attached the pictures to an e-mail for Greenmotion observation. The men who did the inspection followed my partner and took the original "car vehicle condition report" form with him and very threatening draw in the form a chip in the windscreen of the car intimidating my partner (who doesn´t speak english) by taking pictures to the car. I ran out of the office and told him that we were not signing the "car vehicle condition report form" and he asked someone else to take the car away.

I also asked him to mark in the form that we delivered it with a full tank of petrol but he refused to write it down. We have attached a copy of our petrol receipt as well.

We are not accepting the charges of damages that never occurred. As I said before, the staff gave us a car with more that 18 dents and scratches that they didn´t took notice at all, which makes me wonder what exactly do they do with the damage claims they charge to the customers? if the cars are in poorly conditions.

I have attached the pictures of the car so you can see by yourself that the car was drop off in good conditions and also whether you can see the scratches that the staff couldn´t show us.

We have sent a letter to the Head Office and attached all the evidence. We are waiting for their reply.

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Motion Car Rental.

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Dreadful company let our car go albeit we had paid upfront - the nastiest member of staff I have ever come across - avoid this company like the plaque.

Southampton, England, United Kingdom #813518

Awesome¡¡¡¡¡¡ I´m a car rental frecuent user in my trips to London. there are not justification for this manners.

Is not a good marketing form this company.

I won't hire a car in Greenmotion.

thanks form the advise


After reading these complaints I feel that I am justified in thinking i was conned after renting a car from green motions Gatwick from Thursday 9TH OF April until the 14th

After checking out the car with loads of scratches and other damage visible I signed the car out with the damage highlighted

When i returned the car the man who was checking it in went straight to the offside wheel and pointed out a mark on the wheel which was not visible to me even though he pointed it out and also with his pen pointed to a small mark on the windscreen which again was hard to see with the naked eye

I never had any knocks or kerbing while driving this car and know i signed it out but to see this damage I would have had to get on my hands and knees to see the wheel damage as it was so small and as the car had just been washed would have not seen the small chip on the windscreen as there was a lot of excess water on it and it was not visable from the inside

They are trying to charge me 280 pounds for this so-called damage which i know i never caused and after many emails am still in the same position

I find it strange that if you read their website they are getting rave reviews Please don't take any notice of these as there are to many complaints of charging customers paying for damage that they say has not been caused by them to be not true and take it from some one who has hired cars out over the years and has never complained about any other hire company

Dallas, Texas, United States #798748

I was also scammed on Feb 19th at the same office. I have posted it here.

to coolpom Abu Dhabi, Abu Zaby, United Arab Emirates #1246382


If you get a problem with picking up a hire car try this approach.

I began the pickup process from a car hire company in Poitiers, France. The wheel trims were all badly damaged and there were scratches on the door panels/ windscreen etc.

The car park guy tried to tell me this was 'ce n'est pas un problème' when I asked for a damage report form.

My French is pretty basic but I 'pretended' to go ballistic in French (English would have sufficed I guess) and by the time I had finished with him he ran off.

So I hauled the manager out of the office and we went over every mark and scratch on the vehicle. I told her when I returned the car in 2 days she would need sign it off.

Maybe it is my demeanor but she was *** herself. Guess what no scam pseudo damage claimed on my credit card. On another occasion my wife was mis-sold some additional car insurance she did not require-I was not with her at the time.

It showed up on my visa statement a month later. I phoned the relevant office and complained. Got the standard *** answers so told them I would be driving the 200 miles to see them and wanted a 1 on 1 meeting with the 'Raj' guy who had conned my wife. Guess what?

Manager put the refund through in 2 days.

I am not really a violent guy but acting like one does the trick even down a phone line. Anyway, a little bit of fear in my view goes a long way.

Canterbury, England, United Kingdom #797666

Your case is identical to many that we have come across at Green Motion Heathrow.

Yes, they make a cursory observation when you take the car and then point to some insignificant mark (that may well have been there before you took the car) and demand the £750 deposit for the damage, saying that if the repair costs less, then they will refund the difference.

Under pressure, they will admit that they have a 'Price List' for damage, and a stone chip, or similar, that allegedly requires 'One Panel' to be polished is charged at £69 plus VAT, and there are other charges for other types of damage (although there is no evidence that any of the damage is ever repaired, so they are not 'recovering damage costs' but merely using this as a pretext to swindle customers.

Despite the company having a fixed price, they will charge the full £750, and if you manage to get through their complaints system, they will add various 'admin charges' to the 'repair bill' and try to refund the least amount possible, if at all (and probably never ever send you a bill for the damage).

Usually, these customers are from outside the UK, as once you catch the plane, they have the upper hand in their scam.

The other point to note is that they are also more likely to scam you if they have your Debit Card details. The reason for this is that if you use a Credit Card, then the Credit Card company will refund your money if you complain to them, and then deduct the amount from Green Motion, BUT if you use a Debit Card, this means you will need to get your bank involved from your home country to get your money back, and usually that is a lot harder, and quite possibly would never happen.

Green Motion know this, and they prey on Customers from outside of the UK using a Debit Card, mostly. Also, be aware that there is a 120 day cut off in the Terms and Conditions, so they will drag any complaints you do make past the 120 day 'resolution cut off' and then claim that you did not complain in time.

This scam has been reported to UK Banks, UK Vehicle Rental Industry Associations and UK Consumer Protection organisations. It will not be long before Green Motion are investigated for this kind of FRAUD and the best anyone can do is post on here your experience so that everyone can see the scale of their deception

to ***sumerProtectionExpertUK #802369

Thank you for your reply. We have complaint by e-mail to Greenmotion and Nigel Day, manager of the customer services replied the following:

"I am replying to your email following your comment.

Our position is that you hired the vehicle and had the opportunity to check over the vehicle at the start of hire. You also agreed the condition with your signature. On the return of the car my colleague has identified damage that was not on the checkout form at the start of hire.In line with the terms and conditions of the hire any change in the condition of the vehicle is chargeable to the client unless extra waiver products are taken. This applies howsoever the damage occurred.

When obtained we are required to present a cost to you and then close the transaction down based on the costs provided.The costs need to be based on guidance from an authority that has the facility to repair the vehicle.We have done this.While I am sure that you did not set out to damage the car and that the cost is hugely irritating, this kind of damage remains the responsibility of the hirer in line with their terms and conditions.

At this stage I cannot see any reason to reconsider our view on the liability of the damage.

We will be arranging for a credit note to you based on the costs of the damage and we will be seeking payment to us. Damage to rental vehicles is a huge cost to us and we cannot accept damage costs where a situation is as straight forward as this one appears.

If you have any information that will advance this discussion then please forward it across."

We have attached the evidence and Nigel Day since then do not reply to my emails and still we are waiting for the quote of the vehicle damages. We have also put a complaint throught our bank and thorugh the European Consumer Centre as well. We will now complain through the UK European Consumer.

I will keep you informed. Thank you for your reply!



I have to send a letter to complaint because they ignored the emailed I sent them about a ticket.

Can you tell me what is the address you sent the letter please? I am looking on the Internet but I can't find it.

I am also really unhappy with their services and I think I won't hire a car with Green Motion again.

I hope they will find a solution soon to your problem.



Dear Sir/Madam,

We are sorry you were not happy with your rental experience with Green Motion Heathrow, and we would be happy to investigate your complaint, we have not yet received the letter you mention in your post sent to head office, and we have not received an email from yourselves regarding the complaint, if you would like to forward your complaint to we shall be happy to look into this for you and respond directly to the email address provided, we shall await your email.

Kind Regards

Customer Service Team

Green Motion UK

to Green Motion UK #802375

Well, that is not true due to I sent my letter to,

on the 20th of March 2014. I have attached the evidence and your Customer Service Manager called Nigel Day has been incompetent in dealing with our case.

We have sent the pictures showing the evidence and still Nigel Day haven´t come with the quote of the supposed damages. You have taken 920 Euros form our credit card for not visual damages.

We are now taking other actions on this scam.

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